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Our programs


Our programs

Our programs

The programs of our foundation are aimed at ensuring that Ukrainian children, children with disabilities, orphans, children of war and children from low-income families, children who need psychological support, including the consequences of war, become full members of the society, do not feel themselves isolation and could maximize their life potential.

To date, we are working directly on several social programs aimed at supporting disabled children and orphans, talented children from low-income families, people forced to leave their homes and escape from the war zone, as well as children whose parents have become disabled by carrying out their military duty.

Chance to achieve something in this life should have everyone, and it is in this (that is, to give such a chance to the least protected people), we see our main task.

The main goal of our Foundation is to organize the training of Ukrainian youth in foreign languages, business skills, Internet marketing, computer systems management, financial management and entrepreneurship.

We attract finances and help from volunteers from all over the world. Direct communication with volunteers from different countries broadens the horizons of children, helps with the help of native speakers and different competencies to master easier and faster those tools that will help them quickly become successful people.


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