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Our volunteers helped a family whose house collapsed


Our volunteers helped a family whose house collapsed

Our volunteers helped a poor family in Pakistan
An unemployed and lazy man who was quite upset why even a buck was spent on makeover for his kitchen. He wanted Shamim to get the cash for it instead and give it to him. So when I met him first, he seemed quite upset and indifferent. But it was like a total transformation when he saw us working. He came out and stayed with us from beginning till end, working and quite excited. All a man needs I guess is a purpose and a feeling of being needed and part of the process. He was in such a good mood in no time feeling useful for his family ⭐️ I talked to him about what he desires for his children’s future and he said I want them to become anything but like myself. He wants his kids to be educated and lead a better life, poor chap just doesn’t know how to go about it. So many Sardars can be rescued out of their stale lives only if given a bit of direction, encouragement and help. Sardar is a good guy and promised he will look for work and won’t ever beat Shamim again.
The rain on 23rd March left Shamim’s makeshift kitchen in ruins. The roof made with old clothes and pieces of plastic flew away and all the wood she had collected single handedly for lighting her stove was left wet and unusable. She couldn’t make food as she reached back her place after working in 5 different houses as the house maid. The lousy, good for nothing stay-home husband beat her up for not providing food to him. When she came to my place for work on 24th, she was in a sorry state. She works in almost all my neighbours’ homes so Aaju and I thought of making a community circle of care. We visited Shamim’s place to see what needs to be done and then went knocking on our neighbours doors and viola. One must never loose hope in the inherent goodness of human beings.
So it took us few days to get all things in order and today we went to Shamim’s place to give it bit of a makeover. Shamim smiled ❤
The Dog:
So Shamim and Sardar have got a little doggie who is as yet nameless. However, he definitely has a lot of swag and personality 😅  So he has a couch to himself and is mostly seated on it in quite a royal manner. However, he was out on the couch drenched in rain all night as his roof also leaked. So “The Dog” whom I have named as Swaggy got a little roof as well. I’m not sure if he liked what we did but at least he didn’t bark at us when we were leaving. He only growled … probably that’s Swaggy’s way of saying thank you. Little mutt was so full of attitude 😅💕
The Kids: 
These aren’t just a bunch of gypsy kids, they are 10 different stories that can be 10 future artists, architects, engineers, teachers, doctors and what not.
 Bathed and dressed up with the stuff we got for them but the thought kept pinching me—is that enough? No happy thoughts here till something substantial is done for each such child by all of us.


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