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Medical institutions of Ukraine


Medical institutions of Ukraine

It is necessary to draw attention to public health problems of the public, state and commercial structures. Medical institutions need to attract additional extrabudgetary financial, material and other sources.

The quantity and condition of medical equipment in medical institutions in Ukraine does not allow to effectively serve the population of the country and leads to an increase in the level of equipment operation and, as a result, its premature deterioration and a decrease in the effectiveness of medical services.

The availability of a whole range of medical products available at hospitals in the pharmaceutical market is problematic. Although many of them have a very high level of effectiveness and would allow the treatment to become more effective, and the recovery of patients – more rapid.

The rooms of patients’ rooms, medical and economic facilities in medical institutions in many cases require repair and renovation.

The International Youth Foundation “Molodost” invites all those who can provide charitable assistance in any possible scope.

Medical institutions of Ukraine need comprehensive assistance, namely:

  • acquisition and transfer to medical institutions of medical equipment, tools and other necessary items, which will lead to an improvement in the level of patient care;
  • acquisition and transfer to medical institutions of medical products necessary for effective treatment of patients, which will lead to an increase in the effectiveness of treatment of patients;
  • participation in repair work that takes place in medical institutions, which will lead to the creation of more
  • comfortable conditions for patients to stay;
  • creation of necessary conditions for medical and social rehabilitation of children and adults from among those
  • who need medical, consulting and scientific and methodological assistance, using modern rehabilitation and social technologies;
  • attraction of charitable, targeted donations and contributions, as well as material, financial, intellectual and other resources from individuals and legal entities to ensure the quality performance of the functions assigned to the medical institution;
  • assistance in improving the working conditions of the medical and attendant staff of the institution;
  • provision of services for the organization of leisure activities for children and adults from among those who need medical, counseling and scientific and methodological assistance in hospital care.


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