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Forced migrants from the south and east


Forced migrants from the south and east

In connection with the events taking place in Ukraine, the number of internally displaced persons continues to grow, and, accordingly, the issues of rendering assistance to these people become more urgent.

Refugees and forced migrants are often identified by the inhabitants. These concepts have a number of common features, but also differing. The basis of the differences is citizenship, which is different for refugees and internally displaced persons.

Forced migrants and refugees are not equivalent and equivalent concepts. Persons with refugee status are not citizens of the country within which they live and live.

In fact, an internally displaced person, this person who is officially a citizen of the country, or implying a foreign citizen residing in the territory of that country, of which he is a citizen. However, for a number of reasons, unfortunately, in the southeast of Ukraine, unfortunately, forced migrants feel the need to move from their permanent place of residence to other territories of the state.

At present, the influx of forced migrants comes from two directions: from the Crimea annexed by Russia and from the zone of armed conflict in the east of Ukraine.

It is necessary to intensify the work in the organization of informing citizens about the available opportunities for assistance in evacuation from those areas where military operations continue.

The majority of IDPs from areas of armed conflict are in dire need of providing themselves with housing, food, clothing and other basic necessities, as well as access to social services (medical services, job opportunities, pre-school and school education for migrant children, social protection and guarantees …). They also have very little information about organizations or authorities where they can apply for help. People who left their homes in areas of military operations in the east of the country, but who have not left the region, face problems accessing medical care in the face of a shortage of emergency medical services, medicines and medical supplies.

The satisfaction of the needs of internally displaced persons leaves much to be desired. Assistance to internally displaced persons, concern for people was assumed by volunteer groups and non-governmental organizations working at the limit of their capabilities.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, since March, more than 87,500 people in Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes, including over 13,000 in the Crimea. Since not all such people officially register real numbers, according to their estimates, much more. Moreover, the number of internally displaced people is increasing daily, the number of internally displaced persons has increased mainly – from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Increasingly, there are situations where people leave their homes in the east of the country, but do not travel to other regions.

Volunteers do their best to provide IDPs with medication, nutrition and shelter. In the conditions of mass influx of people to the central and western regions of Ukraine, urgent efforts should be made to provide assistance, without waiting for further aggravation of the situation.

Problems with housing

During military operations in the territory of our state, people who live in Donetsk and Lugansk regions were captured by the war, which resulted in a large number of deaths, the destruction of houses, orphanages, medical institutions and the entire infrastructure. The peaceful citizens of our country suffered huge losses, which they themselves are not able to restore.

Need to help! Everyone who has the opportunity to help rebuild their homes and infrastructure respond.

Your kindness will lead to the restoration and return of people to their native land, establishing the delivery of the things necessary for life. Enterprises and the state need our support. To resume the work of enterprises, people, workers’ heads and hands are needed, which will be protected. And in this important role plays a factor in ensuring the livelihoods of our fellow citizens and infrastructure, in particular.

Problems with housing

During the military operation, many people, both civilians and military, were killed or maimed. It is necessary to provide assistance for treatment and assistance to people who have lost their relatives, loved ones and children. We need to thank the military for protecting our country, thereby ensuring our security.

Social help

Providing people who, during the conduct of military operations on their territory, were left without much at once. They do not have enough water, food, clothes. Our fellow citizens were left without medical, pedagogical and educational services. There is no possibility of employment and a place of at least temporary residence. Anyone who has the opportunity to be sympathetic at least in one of the areas of assistance, call! We will restore the world together.


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