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Culture and Sports


Culture and Sports

Our people have always drawn to sports, appreciated strength, dexterity and courage. There were wonderful swimmers, rowers, skiers, skaters. On folk festivals and festivals, in the circuses, great successes were the performances of strongmen, gymnasts, wrestlers; people’s love was enjoyed by national sports – dance of hopak, combat hopak, Cossack double-event, horting, Cossack rescue and other competitions.

Physical culture became the property of the masses, an important means of educating the younger generation, strengthening their health and preparing for work and protecting their Motherland. Physical education in our country occupies a strong place in the general pedagogical process of a wide network of incomplete and complete secondary schools, technical schools, educational institutions of the system of vocational education and higher educational institutions. Means of physical culture and sports are widely used in medical and preventive institutions. At many manufacturing enterprises, physical culture is used as a means of promoting health and improving efficiency. Great popularity among the population of various forms of tourism, hunting, fishing and other types of health work.

In educational institutions, along with the mandatory forms of physical education, amateur forms are widely developed in the form of sports clubs, physical culture groups and sections by sport. Unfortunately, they are not currently being financed enough: repair of sports facilities, purchase of sports equipment and equipment and all other expenses for physical culture and sports are necessary.

It is for this reason that assistance is needed in the construction of sports facilities. Support to sports organizations can be provided through gratuitous transfer of funds, gratuitous provision of services (works) and (or) gratuitous transfer of property, including property rights.

Sponsorship assistance can be provided to sports organizations in stages in accordance with schedules drawn up on the basis of an agreement. Assistance can be in the form of cash, in the form of goods (works, services) that will be purchased by sports organizations (implemented, rendered for them).

In life, everything is closely connected and intertwined, and very well, when there is the possibility of comprehensive development. So, we all perfectly understand that sport is a guarantee of health, if we talk about culture, then this is the guarantee of mental health.

Culture is one of the factors shaping the mentality and national self-consciousness of man – spiritual and universal. It is necessary to preserve the multifaceted cultural heritage of Ukraine, reproduce the lost and create conditions for the work of amateur collectives and masters of decorative, applied and visual arts. To promote the formation of a unified socio-cultural space of Ukraine. To provide practical and organizational-methodological assistance to district authorities and cultural institutions.

The support of visual and musical art, literature, cinema, theaters, museums, libraries is more necessary than ever for our society; spheres that support human values ​​and creativity.

Equally important is support for the sphere of culture. This is due to insufficient budgetary funds for the development of culture and creativity, and the fact that it is a kind of guarantee of cultural development. In addition, the charity of the sphere of culture promotes a more harmonious and natural linking it with other spheres of society and branches of the economy. Thus, sponsoring in the sphere of culture is a real and effective factor in the creation and development of a society capable of self-development.

Summarizing, I would like to note that culture and sport are the basis for the development of the economic sector that produces cultural and sports products.


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