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Tell me which moods prevail in the minds of young people, and I will tell you about the character of the next generation.

Burke E.


YOUTH is the energy of life. This time when a person is full of ambition, any goal seems feasible and any task is up to him. Young people are the engine that drives the entire human machine. You are young as long as your soul catches the signals of beauty, hope, joy, fearlessness and strength, coming from people and from infinity. If this ability disappears and your spirit fetters the cold of cynicism and pessimism, you can grow old even in twenty. “Use your energy. Try to make the world better! “

Charity is help, unselfish, voluntary, as they say, from a pure heart to those who need it so much and that is so inherent in youth!

Charitable organizations are always only non-profit organizations that provide comprehensive support to those who need help and care due to certain life circumstances. Today it is a comprehensive support of the most vulnerable layers of our society.

Patronage and sponsorship assistance is now developed far beyond the level in which it is necessary, we, Ukraine, lag far behind. Nevertheless, many residents of our country, including very wealthy people, begin to understand that by helping the needy, they thereby help, including yourself! Yes, and besides, is it not pleasant to realize that you helped, even if only one child, become a full member of this society?

That’s why there are charitable organizations, so that your donations are targeted. The statement “everyone will not help” is true, only in part. It is impossible to help only those people who do not want this, all the rest – you can, the main thing is the correct organization of such help. Our job is not only to find those who need help, but also those who can provide this help, and there are many such, in fact.

Good always comes back! Those who received help are ready, by virtue of their abilities, abilities, skills and experience to return it. To carry on, spreading and multiplying good deeds, let not those who gave it, others who need it. Real gratitude, which is necessary to learn, is a kind, living heart, responding to love with love, joy in kindness, cleansing the soul of envy and hatred. It is necessary to show gratitude without words, the main thing is that it is the answer of the heart to kindness. Real gratitude is not just a recognition of someone else’s act, it is a manifestation of love and a need to respond well to good, which is always welcomed and supported by our foundation.

In the name of our charitable foundation, we tried to reflect the idea that we all live in a vast world and must help each other, remain sincerely kind and responsive despite everything. And youth is only to help, because the main thing is – what is your state of mind!

Our foreign and Ukrainian volunteers spend time with Ukrainian children, overcome their own limitations and fears both in mastering a foreign language and in real life situations.

Participation in charity not only helps people who receive help, but also fills the life of the benefactors themselves. Try it, you will definitely like it!