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How can a volunteer get a temporary residence permit?

According to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”, a temporary residence permit is issued: foreigners or stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine for employment in accordance with the law; foreigners or stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical…
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Our volunteers helped a family whose house collapsed

Our volunteers helped a poor family in Pakistan Sardar:  An unemployed and lazy man who was quite upset why even a buck was spent on makeover for his kitchen. He wanted Shamim to get the cash for it instead and give it to him. So when I met him first, he seemed quite upset and…
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We invite volunteers to Ukraine

Organizational form of the company: CHARITY ORGANIZATION Name: “INTERNATIONAL CHARITY FOUNDATION” YOUTH” (MOLODIST – on Ukrainian) State registration code of the company: 39299522 Date of entry in the Unified State Register on the state registration of a legal entity: 11.07.2014. Record number: 1 067 102 0000 020558 Code of kind of activity: 88.99 – providing…
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International marriage agency “Youth”

International marriage agency “Youth” Our agency provides assistance to foreigners and Ukrainian citizens in dating, communication and marriage. Our relationship and marriage agency guarantee local service in Ukraine, which means that foreigners will not need to travel between different cities of Ukraine or deal with several local agencies. Since we are partly provided with charitable…
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Culture and Sports

Our people have always drawn to sports, appreciated strength, dexterity and courage. There were wonderful swimmers, rowers, skiers, skaters. On folk festivals and festivals, in the circuses, great successes were the performances of strongmen, gymnasts, wrestlers; people’s love was enjoyed by national sports – dance of hopak, combat hopak, Cossack double-event, horting, Cossack rescue and…
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An orphan is a person who has lost one or both parents in connection with the death of the latter. Typically, this term applies to children under the age of majority (18 years). On the other hand, the word “orphan” refers to any person whose social state changes as a result of funerals, in the…
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Medical institutions of Ukraine

It is necessary to draw attention to public health problems of the public, state and commercial structures. Medical institutions need to attract additional extrabudgetary financial, material and other sources. The quantity and condition of medical equipment in medical institutions in Ukraine does not allow to effectively serve the population of the country and leads to…
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Organization of life and leisure in the children’s camp

Organization of life and leisure in the children’s camp Children’s camp “Forest Outpost”, which is located in with. Dymer of the Kiev region (50 km from Kiev). Thanks to the help of the Kyiv Regional Administration for children of Donbass there were allocated premises in the former and abandoned dispensary near the village of. Dymer.…
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Forced migrants from the south and east

In connection with the events taking place in Ukraine, the number of internally displaced persons continues to grow, and, accordingly, the issues of rendering assistance to these people become more urgent. Refugees and forced migrants are often identified by the inhabitants. These concepts have a number of common features, but also differing. The basis of…
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Our programs

Our programs The programs of our foundation are aimed at ensuring that Ukrainian children, children with disabilities, orphans, children of war and children from low-income families, children who need psychological support, including the consequences of war, become full members of the society, do not feel themselves isolation and could maximize their life potential. To date,…
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