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PROGRAM – Help for children


PROGRAM – Help for children

PROGRAM №1: Help for children

In life, everything is closely connected and intertwined, and very well, when there is the possibility of comprehensive development. So, we all perfectly understand that sport is a guarantee of health, if we talk about culture, then this is the guarantee of mental health.

Children’s camp “Forest Outpost“, which is located in the village. Dymer of the Kiev region (50 km from Kiev).

Accommodation and provision of children-migrants from the ATU zone in the children’s camp – “Forest Outpost”.

If you want to help children – MIGRATERS FROM THE EAST and the South of Ukraine.

Need: 50 000 UAH

Clothes, food, temporary accommodation.

Collected: 35 000 UAH

It remains to collect: 15 000 UAH


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